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Shock and Strut Repair in Glendora

Every seasoned driver knows that shocks and struts require regular maintenance. Bring your vehicle into All Time Gas & Diesel in Glendora to get the best auto and diesel repair for your shocks and struts in the experienced hands of our seasoned auto mechanics! Located in Glendora and serving the communities of Johnson Valley and Glamas and as far away as Long Beach, All Time Gas & Diesel can handily manage any shock and strut repair you may have.

It’s so important to regularly inspect and replace shocks and struts. Shocks should be inspected at 50,000 miles, and afterward, every 12,000 miles. If you’re experiencing bouncing on rough roads, such as in offroading, it is especially vital to keep those shocks in good working order! But who can you trust with such a job?

All Time Gas & Diesel in Glendora to the rescue! We’ll save you from dangerous body rolls and look for tell-tale signs of leaking hydraulic fluid to make sure your shocks and struts stay functional and keep you safe! Our happy customers are legion and our work speaks for itself:

“All Time Gas and Diesel is a professional company. They don't just through parts at a vehicle to try to correct problems. They fully diagnose the problem, then replace the proper parts. I can also count on them to keep track of what needs to be done on my vehicles to keep them running.”--Rick M.

Don’t wait until your vehicle is porpoising along the offroads in Glamas to get your shocks and struts maintained. Come on out to All Time Diesel & Gas and get your shocks and struts serviced by the best! Book an appointment with us today, or just give us a call. We are located at 610 S. Vecino Drive in Glendora.