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All Time Gas & Diesel in Glendora offers monthly blogs that give you deeper insight into auto & diesel repair, what problem-solving challenges our auto mechanics face on a regular basis, plus fun things to do and places to see with your car. Stop by our blog every month to see what’s news at All Time Gas & Diesel in Glendora. You’ll be glad you did!


Water on the passenger side floor?

It can be several things including coolant leaking in from a bad heater core or water leaking in from rain  but often we find that the evaporator drain tube is plugged with debris causing the normal air conditioning condensation to back up and spill over into the vehicle. just like anything else, the  A/C drainage system requires periodic maintenance. #water #leak #A/C  




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Independent Auto Repair Shop in Glendora, Ca. looking for a GREAT Automotive gas and diesel Service Technician to join our team. We specialize in light and medium duty gas and diesel vehicles of all makes.  We believe you can take us to the next level and we can do the same for you. We've built a business that challenges the norm, rewards excellence, and provides a comfortable life for all of us.  We're always innovating, making improvements, and setting the bar higher for ourselves and the automotive service industry. Some of the benefits include but are not limited to: 5 day work week. Paid Vacations and Holidays, Paid training, Profit sharing. Up to date equipment and software. We use state of the art software to run our shop efficiently and provide every customer with an great experience. Continuous improvement. An environment that rewards creativity. Family First -We live it and help you to as well.  Here at All Time Gas and Diesel repair, we've built ... read more

Snow Tip

Did you know that the quickest way to clean snow off of your vehicle is with a broom? You can cut the handle down on the broom and store it in your trunk.  

3 Tips to Drive Safe in the Rain

1. If you start to hydroplane, press on the brakes multiple times rather than one hard time. 2. Make sure your brakes are clean and working, talk to your Glendora mechanic at All Time Gas and Diesel if you are unsure! Good brakes save lives during a rainy Spring season. 3. If there are any cracks or tears in your windshield wipers, come by to have a clear view of the roads again! We'll install that promptly and professionally