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Computerized Wheel Balancer

For expert auto & diesel repair, the auto mechanics at All Time Gas & Diesel in Glendora have a computerized wheel balancer at their disposal. This Goetz product is one of the best in the business for wheeling balancing, and our technicians utilizing this equipment know exactly what they are doing.

If there is an imperfection in the rubber of your tire or damage to your tire or rim, it can throw your wheels off balance, which can lead to a whole host of not so fun and even dangerous consequences. To properly balance a tire, you will need a computerized wheel balancer, and fortunately our team at All Time Gas & Diesel utilizes one daily.

We will use our computerized wheel balancer by Goetz to essentially balance your wheels, counterbalancing any spots deemed heavy by the technology. Many of our Glendora drivers like to take full advantage of their trucks and cars, and we are here to make sure you can continue to embark on all your adventures with your trusty sidekick, also known as your vehicle.

Let’s make sure your vehicle is ready for whatever you throw its way, and our auto mechanics at All Time Gas & Diesel are ready to make sure your car is up for some rough riding, whether that means upgrading your gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles or fixing your car with our computerized wheel balancer. Schedule an appointment today, or stop by 610 S. Vecino Ave. Glendora, CA 91740.